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As Trusted Choice independent agents, we offer multiple companies and a personalized  experience.  We will work to find the right coverage for you, your family or your business.  By choosing a Trusted Choice agent, you are getting more options, competitive pricing  and quality customer service.

»  Auto  Insurance

Having the right insurance coverage in adequate amounts is an important part of your financial planning and security. A serious auto accident where there are multiple or serious injuries could cause great financial hardship and even loss of your home and property. Purchasing optional coverages such as replacement coverage for your new vehicle or rental reimbursement can really help to ease a difficult situation. Talk to your independent insurance agents at Brabazon Agency for assistance and peace of mind. We’re informed about the latest available coverage and discounts offered by each of the multiple companies we represent.

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 Personal Automobile, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Specialty and    Antique Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles & more.

»  Homeowners  Insurance

Homeowner packages include coverage for your residence, private structures, personal property and additional living expenses. Liability provides coverage for damages and legal expenses you are legally liable for if you accidentally cause someone bodily injury. Homeowner policies are designed to meet the needs of most homeowners. Don’t wait until you’ve had a loss to discover that there are limitations on your policy that could have been adjusted to your personal needs. It’s important to contact your agent if you have a loss, move or sell your home, add to the value of your property, plan to leave your home vacant or unoccupied for an extended period, plan a home-based business or have not recently reviewed your coverage.

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Residence, Secondary Residence, Rented Homes, Mobile Homes & more.

»  Commercial  Insurance

Commercial Packages are also available.  Insure your business with Brabazon Agency. For more information, call today at 518-734-3600.

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Business Owner’s Policies, Commercial Properties  & Commercial Vehicles.

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