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Shareholders invest in the company by making money available in exchange for a partial interest in the company (shares). A shareholders` pact aims to protect shareholder participation and find ways for shareholders to work together to grow the business. Cleardocs` shareholders` pact contains a general clause dealing with inconsistencies, and then establishes other specific clauses that prevail over these specific subjects of the Constitution. It is important, when drafting the Constitution or the shareholders` pact, to be clear that there are provisions dealing with possible inconsistencies between the documents. You might think that things in the early stages now seem clear between you and the other shareholders. A shareholders` pact is an agreement between the two: a shareholders` pact defines the distribution of control of the company between shareholders and directors. Please contact us if you would like help with the revision of your Constitution and the shareholders` pact. The judge was not persuaded that the conflict clause in the shareholders` contract could lead to the annulment of the relevant provisions of the Constitution in the absence of a clear conflict. A director of the company challenged the issuance of the new shares on the grounds that the Board of Directors had not complied with the relevant provisions of the company`s shareholders` covenant and the company`s shareholders` pact at the time of the issuance of the shares. Shareholders of a company can adopt a constitution by a special decision. This requires the approval of at least 75% of the votes cast. The directors attempted to invoke the inconseibility clause in the shareholders` pact to argue that the issuance of shares required only the approval of a simple majority of shareholders. It is important to note that the incorporation of the company binds all shareholders, whether or not they were involved in the development of the document.

There are also some risks associated with implementing a shareholder agreement in some countries. The main difference, therefore, lies in the basic basis on which the two documents are drawn up and amended. Both documents cannot be contradicted by any of the provisions of the law. In general, a Constitution will define the general provisions relating to the management of the company, while the shareholders` pact is a more specialized document, adapted to the specific objectives of the company, the nature of its activities and the wishes of its shareholders. Shareholder agreements generally contain stricter requirements for the operation of the company and control what all shareholders want with respect to the operation and management of the company. The company`s statutes held that the directors of the company were allowed to issue new shares with such rights and in number of numbers set by the directors, unless the issuance of the shares directly or indirectly altered the rights or obligations of an existing class of shares. In the latter case, the Constitution required that 75% of holders of this class of shares (currently and entitled to vote at the meeting) vote in favour of issuing shares. What happens if shareholders agree on how they manage investments or how they manage business? So a shareholder contract is a must. A shareholder contract provides: Interchangeable rules are a fundamental framework for the statutes of a company that you can adapt to the needs of your company. However, you can also choose to adopt the rules as a form of internal corporate governance.