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Thank you very much. This blog helped me understand the recovery as well as the Coptic clause. It is very easy to understand that subsection 1 has been amended again to clarify that when a rescue operation is conducted on the basis of an LOF agreement containing the scopic clause, the traditional section 14 “safety net” will not apply, even if the provisions of the SCOPIC clause have not been used; I am so happy way to understand the scopi clause that I will en master oral examination and the Coptic clause is a question now I get the answer thanks to Captain Rajeev It was very helpful sir, but I have a doubt that if a Salvor does not speak a copic clause and the property will not be stored as much salvor can get…. Thanks in advance Hello Sir… only from your blog. I understood perfectly the sentence copic … Thank you very much. if the law is no longer in doubt… I`ll post here…..

The reference. Thanks for all the information on scopic .sir 1querry If scopic is called and that the Salvor was able to save the property, then the reward will not decrease by 25 by this one. If Salvor is safe for the success of the recovery operation, it will not refer to scopic then as scopary proved useful for shipowners. If duely taken into account, the allowable period of time is 2 days per skop for the production of a financial guarantee certificate. Nice explanation, sir. How does an owner profit by invoking a copy clause? The 6th paragraph has been amended to make it clear that scopic remuneration is payable only beyond a possible section 13 surcharge, even if no surcharge is actually requested or paid under section 13. It also specifies how the currency should be adjusted if the currency applicable to the most important recovery agreement is different from that of the SCOPIC clause; Subsection 1 has been amended so that the scopic clause can now be more applicable to any LOF agreement containing the provisions of Article 14 of the 1989 International Rescue Convention. It can now be used in combination with LOF90, LOF95 or LOF2000; very good explanation on skope, this is the easiest way to remember. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. This blog helped me a lot to understand skopy. the termination provisions set out in item 9 have been amended to make it clear that Salvor has the right to terminate its services in certain circumstances, both under the SCOPIC clause and the main salvage contract; Very useful information, thank you a LOT sir. A qstn. The Salvor, if he goes after the masters authorization, should he integrate the same thing in LOF?? For more details on scopic cases, go to Salvage Cases. . I find most of your articles very interesting, the way you simplify it is the best way to connect complicated sections. Paragraph 6 of Appendix B (THE EUSR for Accidents) has been added to clarify the circumstances under which an RSS can be replaced. LOF has had a lot of changes and so there are older versions of LOF that are still sometimes used. But apart from the LOF, there are no other forms that I know of. if the contractor argues scpoic, can the shipowner deny it? Please read Lloyd`s Salvage`s privacy policy to learn more about how we handle your personal data. Dear Sir, thank you more advanced and understood the point of view.

Two questions asked, 1.What is the main consideration before signing LOF 2011 and when 3/4 lifeboat provides help that I will choose and why? Could you please explain what the contract of the Affreightment is, and when bol/transport contract will be COA. Section 14 of the claims began in a pittable time, but the rescue agreement did not come into force until 1996. In the late 1980s, with few known incidents of oil pollution, it became necessary to encourage Salvor to adopt the high-risk rescue treaty when it came to potential oil pollution and the marine environment, and that is why special compensation was introduced under Article 14 of the Bailout Agreement, which was also the main distinction of the Brussels Convention.