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On Wednesday, negotiators from different groups told Qatar that they were ready to work with them to ensure the success of COP18. Nevertheless, the next president of the COP generally plays a leading political role in reaching an agreement. Over the past two years, the Mexican and South African presidencies have had to pool all their political capacities and spend real political capital for a year to reach successful agreements. Ahmed Al-Sada, Under-Secretary of State for Environment at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, said Qatar is putting environmental issues at the top of its agenda, in line with its ongoing efforts to promote sustainable development and the promotion of global cooperation for international economic well-being. “The Paris Agreement helps set new targets and implements them through the use of renewable energy,” he added. Success on these fronts depends on the skilful leadership of Qatar, which ECO knows it possesses, and on the willingness of countries to make the compromises necessary to reach agreement on all these fronts. · Juhaina Al Lanjawi, representative of the Arab youth climate movement in Qatar, presented in a presentation entitled “Your Future, Her Voices” the vision of high school students and NGOs as “an intrusion for a just and lasting future for a peaceful world”. She called for the creation of an intergenerational movement in the Middle East and North Africa to resolve the climate crisis and to assess and support the development of legally binding agreements to combat climate change in international negotiations. French Ambassador to Qatar Eric Chevallier said the Paris agreement must now be implemented for the sake of future generations. UNESCO is committed to continuing work on sustainability through various activities and programmes and to help addressing the challenges posed by climate change. However, the 2015 policy offers a chance to have more ambition than in 2011. “It`s the economy, stupid,” hardly includes political anxiety in Europe and OECD countries. But by 2015, the worst recession is likely to be over.

And what is important is that the pace of the electoral cycle on a whole range of major polluters by 2015 gives hope and promises of ambition and political commitment.