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Sasaki said the district did not have a deadline for an agreement, but wanted to conclude it before school began on August 10. Although the borough announced preliminary plans for distance education and a step-by-step approach to returning to teaching on July 10, it warned parents on Wednesday that it would not be able to publish “clear detailed plans for reopening schools” before reaching agreements with each of its unions, including the Oakland Teaching Association, which represents teachers. “But we don`t think we can jump in on the first day without giving teachers time to adjust and time for students to adjust,” Chaz Garcia, the union`s peer coach and second vice president, said in a statement Thursday. The union argues that before the start of the school year, teachers should have paid time and extra time during the school year to prepare for online instruction. The union warned the district late Friday that it would implement its plans if there was no agreement by Monday. The union wants teachers to be able to communicate with parents and students during the first two weeks of school. In addition, the county must train students and families in distance education. All of these activities would be considered live courses. They called their strategy a “collective work action.” This database contains PDF copies of the collective agreements of each Michigan district for teachers, bus drivers, aides, office workers and other employees.

EU contracts not only set salaries and benefits, but also information on class sizes, staff evaluations, school calendars and much more. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is working to update this database in a timely manner. We invite school districts to help us by sending copies of new collective agreements or links to these agreements to admin@educationreport.org. The state has issued guidelines that state that schools cannot be open to teaching people until the counties in which they are located have been removed from the list for 14 consecutive days. But the union argues that even if the county is removed from the list, the number of cases in Oakland may still be too high to open campus openings. County data indicate that Wednesday, 4,458 or 40% of the 11,131 cases of Covid-19 in Alameda County in Oakland were 4.458, or 40%, a much higher number and percentage than in any other city in the county. MCL 388.1618 of the State School Aid Act requires all public schools to publish certain financial information on their website. The Division has developed guidelines for reporting on budget transparency to standardize this report on the website. Students who are unlucky enough to live in an area with high rates of COVID 19 and attend a school in a neighbourhood where expectations for teaching minutes around distance learning are low have a much lower educational experience than students who live where schools can safely reopen and/or where expectations for synchronous and asynchronous teaching during distance learning are high.