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@Matthew Olszak: I am the party that is trying to buy the house, with the intention of finally occupying. It`s a long story, but here`s the situation:1. We have an offer at home (did not know the seller).2. The seller is caught in a fraudulent lease with PM and his friend/employee, who is now the tenant, for the mutually advantageous purposes of the seller for the new mortgage abl.a. qualified, employee/tenant received reduced rent, and PM received management fees (win, earn, earn by the hour). All three entered into the lease knowing that it was a mortgage fraud by declaring the value of the lease with $XXXX per month with zero intention of paying this amount, but about 25% less. We listed our house and sold it to a nice family to buy the house in question with a fraudulent lease and tenant4. Both sales are expected to close on May 4. We had a lease with $XXXX by the seller, who is really a shell-leasing and almost none of the provisions in it were complied with, and most essential of all (monthly rent amount) was never provided, as the seller and PM and the tenants agreed on a “backdoor” oral agreement, with which the PM and staff then created a retrodated supplement, unknown to the seller, and hold the house “ransom” so to speak, and then only to him the new endorsement yesterday, he called me to explain the situation. 6.

We invested about 3K in the purchase, from where we could start, but it destroys the agreement for us and the buyers of our home, everything for a rental contract that is not worth the paper on which it is written in reference to 90% of the provisions, and I am almost sure it is not even legal, because it was designed essentially for an illegal purpose and this was knowingly done by all parties because it was “mutually beneficial” to sellers, PM and their employees/tenants. Almost none of the rent reserves should ever be respected, but of course they now want the rent reduced and the rental term :)Sorry, I know it`s a confusing situation. Please read the full terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the Q-A cookies, how this site is funded and the editorial code. Mortgage fraud on the part of the applicant for the new mortgage that provides the lease. You can win your expulsion, you can not, but the simple argument will be based on the legality of the addendum. You argue that the rent reduction was outside the lease, between unknown parties, but that you, as a new owner, intend to come into effect with the lease. The loan officer told me that to move forward, I would have to find a friend (with another surname) to fill out a monthly lease that starts at some point in April (one month after the new house closes) and give us a down payment. We would then have until April to sell our place or find a real tenant.

That would satisfy the bank, he said, and we could move forward. For each rent, there will always be a lease signed by both the tenant and the landlord. Ask to take a look at the document to see if it is right and if there is something that seems to be out of effect, such as. B if no deposit is refunded after the lease is concluded despite no damage.