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If you purchase AppleCare for one of your Apple products, you need to activate your agreement to start protecting your new resource. Some stores can automatically check you in when you purchase the service, which helps activate your protection. However, if you have a brochure or document called “First Steps” or “Web Registration Instructions” with your registration number, you must do so yourself. You can register on Apple`s website in just a few minutes. I`m trying to register my Applecare deal for a new Macbook Air online. I`m getting to stage 3 where you enter your address. Every time I click Send, nothing happens. I don`t get a confirmation screen, and the “Send” button is now displayed. I don`t get a confirmation email. Did it happen to someone else? Note: If you don`t have the sales box or envelope, or if you can`t find the card or booklet, contact AppleCare support with your original receipt (or order) and the serial number of the product covered by the agreement. Select your country from the drop-down menu and select the AppleCare product you want to save. Enter your device`s product registration number and serial number when you save AppleCare for the hardware. If you sign up for software, you don`t need to enter these numbers.

Click “Next.” Your friends give you good advice. I don`t buy a big Apple device without paying the extra money for an extended warranty. This is only a great advantage, because the components are down, things are rolled up and other accidents happen to the machine. My last MacBook Pro I accidentally fell on a concrete floor and although it was in my computer bag at the time, there wasn`t enough padding and it actually folded the chassis of the camera. It wasn`t so unusable, but it was a sick thing. If I had AppleCare, they would have fixed it for free, but instead they wanted $1,500 for the job. Yes, there`s always this thing on it, and I`ve been reminded why AppleCare is such a smart investment for a $1,000 device. But here`s the trick: you don`t have to buy AppleCare through Apple.

Just like at the time of purchase, you don`t need to buy an extended service warranty for your car through the dealership (although they certainly don`t want you to know), you can actually save a few dollars to buy your AppleCare plan at Amazon.com. Before, they were 30% less than by Apple, but unfortunately this no longer seems to be the case. No matter where you buy the program, you must purchase AppleCare and save your device within the first year after owning your iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone. It`s convenient, you don`t need to have it the day you get the computer. Once you do this, you have a box with a booklet and a sheet of paper in, and on the sheet is a sticker that has your unique AppleCare registration number. Mine is actually much longer than what is shown in the following screen hats, it`s 15 characters.