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14.16 Contracting Out. The university will not award work that results in the dismissal of the collective agreement unit staff employed prior to the execution or renewal of the contract. The medical centre intends to minimize the employment of loan and travel staff. The Medical Centre will continue its efforts to recruit and maintain a large base of full-time and part-time regular workers. As of January 1, 2020, workers are entitled to move to the higher pay level (U) after the start date of Category B and BS if they have been at the level of pay (T) for at least one (1) year. During negotiations on the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the following issues regarding Airlift Northwest`s ambulance and compensation: a union delegate who is an employee of the collective agreements unit and who handles a complaint in accordance with the claim procedure, will have a reasonable amount of time to help resolve the legitimate claims of workers on the employer`s field without loss. This rest period for the handling of complaints is granted by the prime contractor upon request, taking into account any tasks. 37.1 Per diem/employment per hour. Pro-Diem/Hours employees are fixed-term university employees who are not covered by the provisions or terms of the employment contract.

Social Workers I, II, Social Workers 2 and Dietitians – For social workers 1 and 2 social workers 2 and dieticians who have completed their probation, each employee of the collective agreements unit is granted up to forty (40) hours per exercise and, for each part-time worker, on a pro-rata basis for education and/or work leave. Step three: mediation of the complaint. If, in a second step, the complaint is not resolved, the Union may apply to the Labour Public Relations Commission (PERC) for mediation in accordance with Directive 391-55-020 within 14 days of receiving the decision on the second stage, accompanied by a copy addressed to the Labour Relations Office. In addition to all other reporting requirements, the application must contain a copy of the appeal and all previous responses. The employer will notify the Union in writing and the PERC within 14 days of receiving the mediation request if they do not agree. 16.1 Holidays. Public holidays for employees of collective agreement units must be taken into account under the conditions provided by the University of Washington. Recognized public holidays are respected, as indicated in the University Staff Vacation Program: Respiratory Care Practitioner/Lead; Tech 2/Lead Anesthesiology; Electroneurodiagnostic Tech/Lead – Respiratory Care Practitioners/Leads and Anesthesiology Tech 2`s/Leads and Electroneurodiagnostic Techs/Leads, who have completed their trial period, receive up to forty (40) hours per exercise, in proportion to part-time, for each member of the bargaining unit for training leave and/or occupation.